You can customize your wake-up experience by having the alarm volume increase from zero (or whatever starting volume you choose) with logarithmic volume mapping for silky-smooth fade-ins.  Alarm patterns can also be customized; for example, you could have gong sounds five minutes apart, then increasing in frequency (a progressive alarm), or have an alarm that plays for two minutes and “auto-snoozes” for five minutes.  With Arise, you have the ability to create combinations of sounds, volume control, and patterns, and save the combinations as named “profiles” that you can reuse.

Snooze settings are also fine-grained, and you can set a maximum snooze time to prevent you from sleeping through an important meeting.

Arise has a total of eight alarms—one “floating” alarm that you can set at any time on any day, and dedicated alarms for each day of the week.  All of the alarms can be viewed at once on a single screen.